Short documentaries & funding videos

Telling your stories, on screen

British Antarctic Survey – Seabird Sentinels, Albatross in South Georgia and beyond.

British Antarctic Survey is a vital part of the UK’s scientific research community and we were delighted to travel to Cambridge in England to help them pull together this video. Launching a paper on the risks fishing vessels pose to wandering Albatross, this film gave Ana Carneiro, Marine Science Manager at BirdLife International and lead author of the paper and her co-author Dr Richard Phillips the chance to express themselves the importance of this research.

Bike Hub @ IncludeMe2Club – Bike Loan Scheme launch video

Include Me 2 Club is a multi-million pound charity making a huge impact on the lives of people across the Greater Glasgow area. In this video their ‘Bike Hub’ showcases their new electric bike loan scheme, which they launched with this video. They went on to have incredible success: huge engagement, 100% capacity, influx of related sales/income and an award won for success on the project.

We’re currently working on a follow-up to this video and we continue to enjoy working with IncludeMe2Club, as we have for the last five years. – workshop to finished site with waterfall sink

The people at SCENE wanted to show the careful work and high craftsmanship involved in their bespoke interior fit out work. We produced a series of videos for them where we followed an object from its initial plans to production on the workshop floor to final installation on site. In the video below we followed the journey of a white solid surface waterfall sink, being produced for an office block in Glasgow city centre.

We also worked with CEO Iain Munro to produce a blog style video with his involvement where he documented the process of turning two old mountain gondolas from the Nevis Range at Ben Nevis into two reception desk pieces for the entrance lobby of their brand new hotel and shop facility, which SCENE were doing the interior fit out for. See below as he talks about taking these two rusted hulks, rescued off the side of the mountain and how they went all the way to being back at Nevis Range, serving as the reception desk and the other as a DJ booth.